About IEICE Vietnam Section


The IEICE Vietnam Section has been established in 2013 as an international section of the IEICE, Japan. The Section aims to promote the academic meetings & collaborations between the scientists, the universities, the R&D companies from Vietnam and Japan as well as the worldwide in the fields of Electronics, Information Technology and Communications.

The activities of the Section members cover almost research and development areas in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and relevant technologies. Currently, the members of the Section and their research group are investigating to the following R&D trends:

  • Computer sciences: Image Processing, Image Compression, Image Recognition, Genomic Map Processing, Natural Languages Processing, especially Vietnamese voice and characters…;
  • Communications: MIMO, SDR, 5G, Femto-Cell Networks, Antenna Design and Optimization, Beamforming Techniques, Remote Sensing…;
  • Electronics Circuits and Devices: focusing on VLSI Circuits Design such as System-on-Chip, Low Power Techniques, Mix-Signal Design, and RF devices…

As the rapid evolution of the ICT in Vietnam last decade, a high demand on human resource education and training has been addressed. The question is how to fill the gap between the need of the ICT development and the current capacity. In this situation, Vietnamese government has made several potential strategies for developing the ICT industry; however, it lacks of the contributions from the professional societies. To response this issue, the IEICE Vietnam Section has been established as a result of recent collaborations at both industry and academic sectors between Vietnam and Japan. The aims and expectations as well as the future plan of the IEICE Vietnam Section can be described as follows.

The IEICE Vietnam Section has been established to response:

  • The high demands in the internationalization of professional activities;
  • The collaborations between Vietnam and Japan at both industry and academic sectors.

The IEICE Vietnam Section aims at:

  • Contribute to professional activities/ collaborations between academic & industry sectors related to ICT fields
  • Contribute to academic & industry collaborations between Japan & Vietnam, and other countries.
  • To enforce/sponsor the academic meetings, activities such as the IEICE International Conferences on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV).

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