The 2013 IEICE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV 2013) has been successfully held at Ho Chi Minh city

The 2013 IEICE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification (ICDV 2013) has been successfully organized by the IEICE Vietnam Section in collaboration with VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) and Ho Chi Minh city University of Sciences (HCMUS) from 15th to 16th November 2013 at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

The ICDV 2013 is renewal one as Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification as a result of the establishment of the IEICE Vietnam Section in early 2013. The previous ICDVs (Integrated Circuits and Devices in Vietnam) have been organized in Ho Chi Minh city (2010), Hanoi (2011), and Danang (2012) by the IEICE ICD and the universities in Vietnam as the only international forum outside Japan. Then, the ICDV has become an international event where the participants can discuss leading edge research and development subjects of the integrated circuit and device field. The event has served as a vehicle for a variety of exchanges and interactions among researchers and engineers, industry and academia, international communities for the future of LSI and related fields.

The ICDV 2013 conference is sponsored by the IEICE Vietnam section, the IEICE ICD technical group, and the IEICE VLD technical group, co-organized by the Section, VNU-UET, and HCMUS.

This year, there are totally of 48 accepted papers (24 as oral presentations and 24 as poster presentations). In particular, beside the regular presentations, there are 3 keynotes, 3 invited presentations, and a special talk from TJMW (“Thai-Japan MicroWave”). It is a good mix of digital, analog, and RF circuits including low power and voltage techniques, advanced VLSI designs, and their applications for image/video processing, wireless communications, and so on. Even though ICDV may not have enough capacity today to discuss all of those issues, it will certainly contribute to create seeds for discussing new research ideas as well as help forming network among researchers, students and faculty members from a variety of institutions. Beside the ICDV 2013, there is also a special workshop focusing on the Potential Development of Semiconductor Industry in Vietnam.

On this occasion, there were more than 100 participants from many countries (Japan, Vietnam, Israel, India, Belarus, Korea, Malaysia...) having shared their ideas and works in the IC design related fields.

More information about ICDV event can be found at:

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Opening speech given by Professor Ngoc-Binh Nguyen, Chairman of IEICE Vietnam Section

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Keynote speech given by Dr. Toru Shimizu, Renesas Corporation.

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